From Sofresh to the world

We are based in Pukekohe, one of New Zealand's most fertile and productive horticultural regions. We specialise in shipping top quality Brown onions, red onions, carrots and potatoes to customers worldwide under the Sofresh, Wilcox and Peak brands.

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Southern Fresh Produce Ltd. (SoFresh) is a private company that was established in 1993. Sofresh is a wholly owned business unit of AS Wilcox & Sons Ltd.

We are exporter of the famous PLK (Pukekohe Long Keeper) as well as modern hybrid brown skin onion. We are also New Zealand’s leading exporter of red onions and market the exclusive STOP LIGHT Red Onion which is in high demand due to its darker colour, rounder shape and long storing characteristics.

We grow, market and export Nantes and Kuroda carrot varieties. We also market potatoes to meet specific customer requirements focusing on specialty premium potatoes in pre-packed formats.

Our packing and retail customers require a consistent supply of counter seasonal produce to ensure that only the very best onions, carrots and potatoes are available for sale on supermarket and fresh produce store shelves.

Outstanding customer service, great product quality and our supply guarantee are the reasons we are a leader in the New Zealand onion, carrot and potato export business.

Our team

  • Gijs Simon

    Gijs Simon

    International Export Manager
  • Paul Coppock

    Paul Coppock

    Sales and Logistics
  • Anne Miller

    Anne Miller

    International Business Administrator
  • Rowie Cox

    Rowie Cox

  • Rosemary Baird

    Rosemary Baird

  • Raquel Vierira Gontijo

    Raquel Vierira Gontijo

    Logistics Assistant

Committed to quality, safe food

it’s our policy to provide produce of the highest possible quality, meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Committed to quality, safe food

We encourage a commitment from our staff, growers and service providers to total quality awareness and the need for continuous improvements in all areas of the business.

We are also committed to addressing the concerns of consumers and retailers for safe food of good quality at affordable prices. All our grower suppliers have GlobalGap and GRASP accreditation.

This means all our onions and carrots are traceable from field to fork, have been grown in the most environmentally responsible and sustainable way and most importantly of all, are safe and healthy to eat.

Quality statement

It's our policy to provide the best produce that meets or exceeds the quality expectation of its customers. The company will encourage a commitment from its staff, growers and its suppliers to total quality awareness and the need for continuous improvements in all areas of the business.

The company is committed to addressing the concerns of consumers, retailers and ourselves as producers, for safe food of good quality at affordable prices, while maintaining a profitable and competitive business.